This is an example of a Master Key Chart
This is an example of a Master Key Chart

We offer Re-keying Solutions if you require them…

Rather than replace that $120.00 knob/lever set on your door, we can usually terminate any existing keys that operate the lock, and effectively make the lock operate only to a specific key selected by the customer, or make the lock work with custom depths and spacing’s designed and created at the time of service by us.





  1. Do you have 100 different keys on your key-ring?
  2. Are you sick of shuffling through tons of keys for a property or item that you own?
  3. Are you ready to be convenienced?

Yes we know that convenienced is not a real word, the sad truth is that, INCONVENIENCED is a real word. We are teaching our customers this unknown word one job at a time, with smiles on our faces.  We offer a custom system that we can tailor to your needs, known as a Master System.  A Master System is basically a system that will allow our customer the option of carrying 1 individual key to access all of the items/locks/properties that they want to operate on the same key.

What are the benefits of a Master Key System?

  • Your typically the only one with the Master Key, unless you wish to have others use it as well.  This is very convenient and efficient when it comes to the hassle of a key ring.
  • You can specify different users to be able to only operate specific doors, you can now channel certain individuals into their respective areas of work, instead of all over.
  • Just think, you have 1 key for everything, your cashier or delivery person only has a key that operates the rear door and NOT the offices, the manager has a key that operates the rear door and his respective office and NOT your office or the HR office, and again YOU have 1 individual key…
  • The options are almost without limit.
  • We consult with you and present the available options, you just have to say what you wish the end result to be and we make it happen for you!