Beware of anyone with a $29 service call!

Scammers will charge you many times more than what they quote you over the phone, make you promises, and say or do whatever they have to, in order to gain your trust, as well as access to your property/home. WE give you the most accurate quote, with alternate methods of service and payment that we possibly can. We can only quote by the information that we are given to work with over the phone. If the amount should exceed the quote, we will inform you before we perform the work and charge you that amount.

Questions to ask, include:
-Are your service vehicles lettered up?
-Are your technicians uniformed?
-Do you belong to any trade associations?
-Are you Bonded and Insured?
-Do you have a shop that customers can go to?
-Do you have a web site that has more information about your company?
-Are you Locally Owned and Operated?
-Is this the actual company or a call center?
-Where is your company based out of?(before you tell them your location)
-These questions should put up some red flags if not answered properly.

A Reputable Locksmith will have no issues answering any questions that you may have. American Atlas Locksmith can answer every one of these questions with honesty and pride. Your security, trust, and satisfaction are always our top priority. Our tech’s are uniformed, our service vehicles are lettered up, We are Locally Owned and Operated. We are FULLY Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Certified.

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