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American Atlas Locksmith is proud to provide service to All of Macomb County, as well as Macomb Township. School, Commercial, and Residential services you may require, or request, we have you covered!  In addition, we provide service to the entire surrounding areas as well.   Give us the opportunity to provide you with quality service and be your trusted Macomb Locksmith Service.  As we like to say, and prove to our client base, you will find quality Service, if we are the ones answering your call! Locksmith Macomb – Macomb Locksmith – Locksmith Macomb Twp – Macomb Twp Locksmith

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Certain unfortunate events are bound to happen, and specialized services will be needed, hence our existence.  Let American Atlas Locksmith provide you with the quality service you deserve. As one of South-East Michigan’s most trusted locksmiths, we pride ourselves with our ability to cater to your needs.  Our Locksmiths have been providing service to your area for over 20 years.  In that length of time we have learned one thing, customers deserve to be honored. Macomb Locksmith – Locksmith Macomb

Most of All, We do NOT ever take advantage of our customers. American Atlas Locksmith provides multiple options and solutions to our customers. Therefore, You can always shop around, and we want you to.  That sounds a little weird coming from a company that wants to acquire you as a customer. However, as a result, we want you to find the best deal that works best for you, even if we point you in that direction.  Our record and high standards, speak for themselves, due to continuously exceeding our customer’s expectations.  Use our service, so you can experience excellence and satisfaction for yourself.

Macomb Locksmith - Locksmith Macomb - Macomb Twp Locksmith - Locksmith Macomb Twp
Macomb Township

Maybe it sounds cliche, it is also true, our customers come first.  Thus, we provide a NO PRESSURE assessment of the situation your dealing with.  Based on how you would like to proceed after the information is provided to you, is completely up to you 🙂

Little Known Fact About Macomb Twp

The famous Romeo Plank Road, as can be seen on the founding of Macomb Township and Economy of Macomb Township pages, was an extremely important road to the developing township. It was actually called “Plank Road” for many years. This was because it used to be made of nothing but wooden planks. For a long amount of time, the road was just made of wood. It was just recently paved in the last 50 years. This road was significant because it was the main route that all farmers took. So many people traveled along this road which is what caused it to be turned into a toll road. The picture below shows an illustration of what the sign would have had written on it. These were most likely the actual prices of the time and the things that were charged by the toll road operators. Today, the road is paved and is no longer a toll road.
Locksmith Macomb – Locksmith Macomb Twp – Macomb Locksmith – Macomb Twp Locksmith

Locksmith Macomb – Locksmith Macomb Twp – Macomb Locksmith – Macomb Twp Locksmith